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Automatically delete missed repeating tasks

astrojason says:
Daily tasks can pile up if you miss them, so if something repeats every day give us the ability to allow the task to be deleted (or archived as not complete) when it is missed.
Posted at 4:21pm on May 18, 2011
justice.pilgrim says:
I would also like to see this. Many of my repeating tasks are daily goals I have set. If I don't accomplish the goal then it piles up.. In my case it would be handy to have a statistic to report how many times I missed my goal vs completed it and how many times I have consecutively accomplished it.
Posted 10 years ago
(closed account) says:
I'm looking for it too.
such as a task "sleep at 12pm", repeat everyday.
if I sleep after that, I just don't know which button to choose: complete? delete?
Posted 9 years ago
beatcoach says:
Not sure there's an automatic way. But short of that ...
1. Search "isRepeating:true AND dueBefore:today"
2. Select "More Actions"
3. Hit "Delete"
You're good to go.
Posted 9 years ago
igorrs says:
For most tasks, this would be helpful. But for some tasks it can be dangerous (e.g. if there is some report that you need to read every day, missing one instance may result in you having to complete both the current and the overdue tasks).
Posted 7 years ago
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