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Unique ID for each task

Started by jusking Web app3 comments

Keyboard shortcut to move to the top or bottom of a list

Started by whack9 Web app3 comments

New due date format: day after tomorrow

Started by freenerd Web app2 comments

Support for business day repeats (e.g. 'every 3 business days')

Started by stuartgreenwell Web app3 comments

Add a login form on the website front page

Started by minipark Web app1 comment

Syntax to specify which part of Smart List criteria should be used when tasks inherit properties

Started by torfason Web app2 comments

New repeat option: every [number] hours (e.g. 'every 6 hours')

Started by (closed account) Web app37 comments

Task changelog (history of changes to a task)

Started by marianobenitez Web app9 comments

Ability to set your current location to show nearby tasks

Started by wernight Web app1 comment

Incoming filters (e.g. if a new task has the word 'buy', move it to the Shopping list)

Started by (closed account) Web app2 comments

Support for regular expressions in searches

Started by (closed account) Web app7 comments

Ability to merge tasks

Started by (closed account) Web app9 comments

Moleskine printing option

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

Add 'currentDay' to search operators

Started by andy.raffle Web app3 comments

Support more positive words instead of 'never' for tasks without a due date (e.g. 'anytime, 'someday', etc)

Started by bjbernard Web app2 comments

Support for 'half an hour' in the time estimate field

Started by ramak Web app1 comment

Multiple list view (ala Gmail multiple inbox view)

Started by (closed account) Web app5 comments

Print selected tasks

Started by joanne.lawrence Web app1 comment

Import/export list settings, including Smart Lists

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

Support for OpenStreetMap maps

Started by evgeniysmoley Web app5 comments