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Keyboard shortcut to select the last created task

trikyguy says:
I'm a recovering nonuser, and I already appreciate some of the interactive improvements you've made since I was here last.

I find my self sometimes creating a bunch of tasks, and in those cases I like that the focus stays on the text field.

however, sometimes I'm creating just one task and wanting to edit it immediately. It would be nice if there were a short cut that would select the last created item. (maybe even vi like i could optionally combine a number somehow to select the last created N items)

Anyway, thanks for everything.
Posted at 1:44pm on August 14, 2010
trikyguy says:
Looks like the bookmarklet will serve my needs well. Thanks.
Posted 9 years ago
felixc says:
I'd actually like this feature as well. Sometimes you may be on a list or smartlist and add a task via the smart bar and you may use "#" to tag it for another list. If you do this then it gets created in that list and doesn't show up on the list you are currently viewing.

It would be great to have a shortcut to just select whatever you have created.
Posted 9 years ago
ultraayla says:
This is definitely my most-desired tool as well. I'm a pretty religious tagger and the slowest part of my process (because of all the awesome keyboard shortcuts already existing) is selecting the items I've just added to tag. It'd be great to select even the last one, but your suggestion to select multiple previous tasks with a combo key is great.
Posted 9 years ago
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