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Ability to add photos or audio to tasks

nlstefan says:
The possibility to add rich media to your task as a note
Posted at 12:55pm on May 18, 2011
pablo.aramburu says:
Quick notes (photo & audio) while on the move would be really helpful
Posted 4 years ago
tedhobson says:
Evernote seems much better at notes, RTM much better at tasks. If RTM had this feature it would be great. I find the notes in general are not easy to use and not very functional, both on mobile and the web site.

Why can't notes show on the sidebar of the web site instead of behind a tab?
Posted 4 years ago
thebrianlange says:
I would really like to see this functionality. Sometimes it makes sense to have a useful photo attached to a task.
Posted 4 years ago
lasse99 says: able to send a photo from my iphone (or else) and assign it as a task without any hassle..remember 1 picture says more than 1000 words
Posted 3 years ago
d.jansegers says:
Quick notes (photo & audio) while on the move would be really helpful
Posted 3 years ago
tigran.mkrw says:
I also encourage you to support this feature, evernote has it.
Posted 2 years ago
michaelhb says:
New to RTM, and I was surprised I couldn't just take a picture of something as an explanation for a task. For example - something broken at home, snap a picture of it, show it to the guy at the hardware store.
Posted 9 months ago
carly.tonkin says:
Another use case - in a physical store, see something you would like to buy but know you could get it cheaper online. Take photo with your phone of the item and add task to RTM to buy it online later
Posted 3 weeks ago
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