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Tasks due not based on dates, but on other criteria (e.g. for car maintenance, the due might be based on odometer reading)

matthauger says:
I appreciated today's 'Tip & Trick' about car maintenance, and I do use RTM to keep track of regularly scheduled work on our vehicles.

The problem is that most maintenance recommendations are geared to mileage numbers and not to elapsed time. Because my driving schedule is erratic, I have no idea whether that oil change will need to happen next month or next quarter.

What if RTM included some alternative timelines for tracking when an item is due? Instead of entering a date for that scheduled tire rotation, you could enter a future odometer reading.

Now, of course, RTM has no idea what the odometer reading on your car is. But the user could enter that number manually, and the webapp could prompt you to enter it periodically . Then, searches could be tuned to include this attribute (e.g. 'altDueWithin:1000').

Another possible use: webmasters could schedule site maintenance based on the number of monthly uniques.

Any thoughts? Is this ridiculous?
Posted at 12:09pm on December 21, 2010
geojono says:
Seems that if I had to enter my odometer reading manually into RTM on a regular basis, I wouldn't need a task to remind me to change the oil. I could simply use my note-taking app for that.
Posted 6 weeks ago
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