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LockInfo integration (iPhone)

Started by andrew.veresov New integrations19 comments

In Idea forum, option to use Facebook/Twitter profile pic

Started by georgedolbier General1 comment

Launchy integration

Started by judykator New integrations1 comment

Safari 5 extension

Started by jason.silverstein New integrations25 comments

Include tags in the category field for Atom feeds

Started by tsasaki Web app0 comments

Send an email to request a response with a particular list or search

Started by ted.teske Email5 comments

Parse meeting requests forwarded from Outlook

Started by lroot Email0 comments

Show the tag cloud on public lists

Started by opensuse.gnome Web app1 comment

Import contacts from email providers

Started by yittrium39 New integrations0 comments

Customisable sync hours for locations and tasks (set hours when sync is disabled)

Started by rui.vieira Android app0 comments

Play audio when a new task is added to a shared list

Started by limomobile Web app0 comments

Automatically extract tags based on the task name

Started by fireweed Web app0 comments

Adjustable widget transparency

Started by pollisoft Android app5 comments

Microsoft One Note integration

Started by krysta New integrations5 comments

Allow uppercase characters in tag names (case sensitive tags)

Started by tzortea Web app9 comments

Executive Assistant integration (Android)

Started by gregorius New integrations1 comment

Include list in the category field in the iCalendar feed

Started by manopapad Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcut to invert your selection

Started by fireweed Web app0 comments

Export tasks to SQLite file

Started by prem18 Web app0 comments

Due date-specific email addresses

Started by rusharound Email1 comment