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Icons for hiDPI displays

Started by dave.liao Web app0 comments

Printing Lists

Started by mjrudolphi Web app0 comments


Started by gwendywilkinson General1 comment

new iCal link with total estimated time per day

Started by raymoncy Google Calendar0 comments

Improve handling of paragraph breaks

Started by dave.liao Web app1 comment

sort by priority and then by drag and drop

Started by steve.edele Web app0 comments

Date and time stamp

Started by ross.lymberatos Web app1 comment

Edit fields by clicking on it

Started by dg_going_uphill General0 comments

Share sheet for Mac

Started by dg_going_uphill New integrations0 comments

Search and Smart Lists for number of tags

Started by thomas.johnsson General0 comments

Custom sound alert depending on priority (or other rule)

Started by olivier.jeannin Android app0 comments

When grouping by due date, include active/ongoing tasks

Started by robfreundlich General0 comments

Show Details in Task-Lists (but hideable)

Started by thomas.decker Web app0 comments

Make Tasks' height and font larger based on the Estimated duration (as a View option).

Started by cwhite79 Web app0 comments

Pinned Task (Cannot Be Postponed)

Started by danielalbu General0 comments

List Names for Smart Lists and All Tasks plus sort capability

Started by thomas.decker Web app2 comments

Merge tags

Started by dave.liao Web app1 comment

Badge counts for Incomplete/Completed tabs

Started by mcgaritydotme Web app0 comments

Search for

Started by mcgaritydotme General1 comment

Drag and drop to reorder tasks - touch support

Started by dave.liao Web app0 comments