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Create a separate instance of a repeated task

Started by mike.moses Web app0 comments

Sorting Groups

Started by shekala Web app0 comments

Include a permalink to the task in the ical event description.

Started by jumpnett General0 comments

Pure Calendar Widget integration (Android)

Started by mickem New integrations9 comments

Adding fields to Home list

Started by odhinn0 Android app0 comments

Hide unused categories on the left side for a cleaner look

Started by eeelya General1 comment

Lower-than-normal priority (-1?)

Started by gioele General0 comments

Daily Digest info, expand task name with "List name"

Started by angel.mazo Email0 comments

make shortcuts for all task properties available in task lists

Started by moelles Web app0 comments

The Golden Child or the One Ring To Rule Them All

Started by reinkefj Web app0 comments

Skip one iteration of a recurrent task

Started by onerror General0 comments

Managing Task from Lock Screen notification, optional LED color and vibration pattern

Started by onerror Android app0 comments

Allow subtask Estimates to be set via shortcut 'e' when viewing parent task

Started by jamezzz Web app2 comments

Badges on iOS

Started by nickmcg iPhone app0 comments

Progress bar when updating time zone

Started by mwyadartm Web app0 comments

Add more button

Started by pean Android app0 comments

Task automatic roll-up

Started by twojaysfarm General0 comments

Keyboard shortcut for switching lists

Started by tclaiborne Web app0 comments

Option to view added date in task list

Started by crystal.odenkirk Web app0 comments

Add a new button to remove/clear the content of search field.

Started by smshahidraza Web app0 comments