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Show the task or list name in the page title

Started by eivind.throndsen Web app0 comments

Ability to choose multiple Gmail labels to create tasks from

Started by albino Gmail add-on1 comment

Add new categories as new lists on rmilk when syncing with MilkSync

Started by james.rayner MilkSync for Windows Mobile0 comments

Preferred connections for MilkSync

Started by p.dade MilkSync for Windows Mobile0 comments

Smaller iPhone Text Size

Started by brianmitchell 3 comments

2-way task note synchronisation in milksync please

Started by ryan.behrman MilkSync for Windows Mobile2 comments

Video of remember the milk on iPhone request

Started by asifm42 1 comment

iphone interface: piorities as radial buttons

Started by pikamookie 0 comments

Separating date and Time tag

Started by jerinjacob009 Web app1 comment

Location based reminder on LEAVING a location

Started by jhwwj Android app0 comments

Excluded Certain Locations from Location Based Reminders

Started by jft135 Android app0 comments

Change the checkmark in task selection box to a square

Started by tdanylak Web app0 comments

Email edits to a task

Started by jstaso Web app0 comments

Mindnode Integration

Started by cfournies New integrations0 comments

Allow Bulk Update for URL

Started by ashineko Web app0 comments

Drop down button

Started by kieran.ross Web app0 comments

Notify on note

Started by thestumonkey Web app0 comments

When adding new tasks, any description after a !priority or ^date is missing

Started by dave.liao Android app1 comment

Single-user "Personal Access Tokens" for API auth

Started by dlitz General0 comments

Support for case insensitive search operators

Started by amnisjonas Web app0 comments