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List-based Daily Digest (work/home/etc.)

Started by gotmatt General1 comment

View subtasks of tasks that appear in "This Week" view

Started by danielmoholia General2 comments

Status for the tasks (i.e. Not Started, Ongoing, Pending, Closed, Done)

Started by ornorm General1 comment

Choose a delivery date for a gift account

Started by paul.morgalla General0 comments

Customizable dock badge count on macOS

Started by bradkellett General2 comments

Notes for Lists

Started by tom27 General3 comments

Indefinite Pro account

Started by polder General1 comment

Show iCalendar events having start and due date

Started by carloscadu General0 comments

Optional Sound When Task Completed

Started by heyyoots General5 comments

Time blocking support

Started by abhirjoshi General0 comments

Maintain single, up-to-date list of updates/changes

Started by ml.barrett General1 comment

Custom backgound image

Started by davidvg General1 comment

Better view for task hierarchy

Started by brotoc General0 comments

Show task's List in the tasks view

Started by zainr General1 comment

Assigning tasks to projects (parent tasks) form within the task

Started by gordonrobb General3 comments

Show a sub tasks parent task in lists.

Started by gordonrobb General1 comment

Grouping lists - allow for ascending and descending of how a list is grouped

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

Remove shared lists and shared tasks from my Lists and Smart Lists

Started by rrss General1 comment

Settings for Main task estimation = Total of sub task estimation

Started by abhange General0 comments

Filter within a list (and Smart List)

Started by natosis General0 comments