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View subtasks of tasks that appear in "This Week" view

danielmoholia says:
In the Windows application for Remember the Milk, subtasks scheduled for a Tuesday (for example) will not appear on Tuesday if the task they are a part of appears on Thursday (for example) of that same week. This makes it difficult to plan out your week in the "This Week" view without sifting through every single task with subtasks.
Posted at 4:13am on May 29, 2018
jamezzz says:
Yep, there's several variations on this issue. Would love to see this capability and/or be able to build SmartLists that showed only incomplete subtasks. Can't do it if you're using all 3 levels of hierarchy.
Posted 5 years ago
davidvg says:
I agree with both danielmoholia and jamezzz. It would be really usefull to see all your tasks when reviewing smart lists, not only the "parent" tasks.
Posted 4 years ago
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