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Optional Sound When Task Completed

heyyoots says:
Marking tasks as done on digital checklists feels underwhelming. I liked using MS To-Do in part because there's a quick, bright sound that's played whenever an item is checked off your list. That program's features are not as robust as RTM, but I definitely miss the nice little "yes!" noise that plays as you make progress.

Hope that this can someday be a togglable feature in settings--
Posted at 2:59am on April 26, 2021
dave.liao says:
Would love this on desktop!

It's one of the nice quirks about the Android app...
Posted 3 years ago
(closed account) says:
I really miss a ‘ding!’ too! 🛎
Posted 2 years ago
antoinebugleboy says:
The dopamine hit would absolutely motivate me to complete more tasks, and more importantly, to look at RTM for tasks to complete.
Posted 2 years ago
burnafterreadingburn says:
cannot agree more! like Pavlov's dog, I got a happy little sense of accomplishment with the "diiinng" on Wonderlist - and now, I'm craving!
Posted 2 years ago
monguzman says:
I had a similar idea a few days ago and I am glad y'all are talking about it :D I need a little confirmation that things are done; sounds are great. Definitely make the sound optional though!
Posted 7 months ago
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