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Assigning tasks to projects (parent tasks) form within the task

gordonrobb says:
I add things to inbox as I think of them. Then process them into RTM later. Sometimes they are new sub tasks to a project (task) I have. There is no simple way to assign this task as a sub task of a project. And no way to do it at all.

It would be good if we could label tasks as projects, and then assign new tasks in inbox, as subtasks of a project.

Hope that is clear.
Posted at 10:10am on March 14, 2017
jamezzz says:
Yes, we need an easier way to make move a task under a given parent task, other than the current drag and drop method. Sometimes I may have task in one list and would like a way to make it a subtask of another task. When both tasks exist in the same list or smart list the drag n drop works "okay", but when they exist in, say, different smartlists then I have to get very creative sometimes to get them in the same list so I can do the drag n drop thing.

Would love to see a shortcut to make subtask that would give me a search box where I can begin typing the name of the task I want to be parent. As I type the name of the task I'm looking for, I'd love to see a drop down list updating as I go showing me matches until I zero-in on the task I'm looking for. Then I'd just pick the parent I want and be done. I think I shortcut like this would be much better than the drag n drop method.
Posted 6 years ago
sander.buhrman says:
No added comments. Discription above is clear about wanted functionality
Posted 5 years ago
lillgu says:
Please add this!!!! 😭
Posted 4 years ago
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