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Automatically assign a random unused color when creating a tag

Started by shardvicens General1 comment

Notes for Lists

Started by tom27 General3 comments

Attachment without a third party account

Started by marco_cadonau General2 comments

Option to Hide tags in the task list

Started by erica.strand General1 comment

Show task's List in the tasks view

Started by zainr General1 comment

Task Notes Sorting Options

Started by dayoung24 General1 comment

subtask missed >:-/

Started by fant General3 comments

Show task period in list

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

New filter due:nextWorkingDay

Started by martin.bodlak General2 comments

Automatically postpone repeating tasks

Started by astrojason General3 comments

Assign a task to someone that is not a rtm user

Started by foulox General0 comments

Field for a task description and may a status filed (text) to.

Started by thomas.decker General2 comments

Separate work and home tasks

Started by unsliced General7 comments

Include the past in relative dates

Started by tcolley General1 comment

repeat after until

Started by mbrandonpace General1 comment

Grouping lists - allow for ascending and descending of how a list is grouped

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

Full week in due date options

Started by maite.taboada General1 comment


Started by onlinemailnet13 General1 comment

Headers or ways to categorize/sort subtasks

Started by (closed account) General2 comments


Started by (closed account) General3 comments