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Automatically assign a random unused color when creating a tag

Started by shardvicens General1 comment

Put a checkbox in the notes section

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

Sort subtasks

Started by rabeckman General0 comments

Maintain single, up-to-date list of updates/changes

Started by ml.barrett General1 comment

Better view for task hierarchy

Started by brotoc General0 comments

Add option to set Default Priority

Started by zainr General1 comment

Grouping lists - allow for ascending and descending of how a list is grouped

Started by hntopper1 General0 comments

Mail in tasks: Have the attachments be embedded in the note (link to dropbox)

Started by anders.holt General0 comments

Default priority for subtasks

Started by gotmatt General0 comments

Add times for recurring tasks

Started by wtripp1125 General1 comment

Easier ways to find "next items" (in GTD sense)

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

Ability to go 'back' as well as 'skip' when voting on features

Started by guice General0 comments

Attachment without a third party account

Started by marco_cadonau General2 comments

Filters for Tasks in (Smart-)Lists

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

Task Notes Sorting Options

Started by dayoung24 General1 comment

subtask missed >:-/

Started by fant General3 comments

Full week in due date options

Started by maite.taboada General1 comment

Finding the tasks that are oldest, most postponed or similar

Started by kristus General1 comment

"No Due Date" and "No Start Date" at bottom of Advanced Sorting

Started by joelatchaw General0 comments

Associate emoji with a tag

Started by meonkeys General0 comments