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Enable Notifications Passed Through Notification Agents

Started by sn3akyp3t3 General0 comments

Automagically include time estimates for tasks with linked videos

Started by ledhed2222 General0 comments

subtask missed >:-/

Started by fant General2 comments

Make postponing a repeating task work finally..

Started by azaz44 General2 comments

Store Links to Local Files in the URL field

Started by markwilliams General1 comment

Audit log

Started by rmsds General2 comments


Started by ro2 General3 comments

Group more than one field

Started by haze14 General1 comment

Option to hide tasks with a start date in the future.

Started by petejdc General1 comment

Auto-completing tasks

Started by carmen.draper General1 comment

Monthly pricing

Started by rmchale General1 comment

Option to set subtask due dates as an offset from main task due date. Especially useful when duplicating template tasks or for multi-step repeating tasks.

Started by bcampbell General0 comments

Stay logged in permanently

Started by parno General0 comments

@ mentions

Started by kdwarn General0 comments

Simple Lists

Started by jnicholea General1 comment

New operator: hasSubtaskInList

Started by nicofremaux General0 comments

Abstract Location

Started by onerror General3 comments

create 2 tasks when putting 2 due dates

Started by olivier.jeannin General0 comments

Fix the timezone syncing problems between browser and desktop and mobile apps

Started by kdwarn General0 comments

Fix group by date

Started by onerror General2 comments