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Support default start dates

Started by eorrick General2 comments

New Date Format

Started by sssboom General1 comment

Publish your product road map.

Started by banjax General1 comment

Ability to "star" tasks

Started by onerror General1 comment

Recurrent task without due date

Started by onerror General1 comment

Assign a task to someone that is not a rtm user

Started by foulox General0 comments

See who you have invited and invite status

Started by General1 comment

Choose a delivery date for a gift account

Started by paul.morgalla General0 comments

Checklist tasks.

Started by gordonrobb General0 comments

Automatically postpone repeating tasks

Started by astrojason General3 comments

Add activity log

Started by muhozhrun General2 comments

Customizable dock badge count on macOS

Started by bradkellett General1 comment

When a pro user shares content the lists shared should be viewable by the recipient even if the recipient is not a pro user

Started by micheldm General0 comments

behaviour of the appearance of subtasks

Started by fant General0 comments

Smart List with both parent & child tasks due listed

Started by cayouettem General0 comments

Assign a task to multiple people

Started by tdmusic General0 comments

Forum: archive old/dead threads

Started by acfinnefrock General1 comment

Put a checkbox in the notes section

Started by vegaschuck General0 comments

Default priority for subtasks

Started by gotmatt General0 comments

Separate work and home tasks

Started by unsliced General4 comments