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Fix group by date

Started by onerror General9 comments

Allow infinite subtasks

Started by kevingough General2 comments

Option to hide tasks with a start date in the future.

Started by petejdc General3 comments

Pro monthly subscription.

Started by (closed account) General4 comments

Task inherits deadline of soonest-due subtask

Started by salustri General5 comments

Personal Photo In Theme

Started by rossgoodman General2 comments

Support bullet-points (*,+, multiple -) in a task to create quickly subtasks

Started by (closed account) General0 comments


Started by kevinbjiang General6 comments

Show main task of subtask in task list

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

behaviour of the appearance of subtasks

Started by fant General0 comments


Started by david.latapie General1 comment

Task status

Started by onerror General0 comments

OpenID support

Started by General89 comments

Ability to "star" tasks

Started by onerror General3 comments

Wunderlist import

Started by lensaffair General4 comments

Publish your product road map.

Started by banjax General1 comment

Share reusable lists with the Remember The Milk community

Started by letzterfreiercoolername General1 comment

Change default tag color

Started by cavanaughmm General2 comments

Option to set subtask due dates as an offset from main task due date. Especially useful when duplicating template tasks or for multi-step repeating tasks.

Started by bcampbell General2 comments

Indefinite Pro account

Started by polder General1 comment