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letzterfreiercoolername says:
I wanted to ask if you could implement task templates or libraries, shared among the rememberthemilk community.

In Wikipedia a community shares knowledge and facts, rememberthemilk IMO needs a method for sharing "task ideas" or "task templates".

This should be possibly language-, country-, state- and county- specific, maybe even age-specific (I would tell you my birth month and the county I live in for this feature).

P.ex, if I had
* the brilliant idea of "buying heating fuels not in winter, but in mid-summer, when prices are lower", or

* the idea to "get my HVAC serviced not in peak summer, when service personnel is loaded with work and will do their work quirky"

then I wanted to be able to share this task ideas with others, with an easy "create task template from this task", and to save this template globally (idea 1) or give it a "hot area" tag, so it shows up in US, Mexico etc, but not in Germany where almost nobody needs air condition.

Others could improve and contribute to this "task template" or "task idea"

I thought p.ex. of
* maintenance plans for
* house/boat/car owners
* gardening

* medical plans/preventive medical checkup for
* humans above a certain age
* pets

hypothetical example start:

So I (just 35, male, single) could
* browse through a task library,
* pick the maintenance plan for cars,
* drop the "convertible top cleaning and showerproofing task" (as I do not own a convertible),
* but would happily adopt that "check or renew winter tyres in summer when tyre service stations are not overloaded and wintertyres are cheap" task that I may never have come up myself with before next winter.

Looking further for preventive medical checkup plans for dogs I could improve the global template with an anti rabies vaccination task idea and an additional entry in the local "Germany/Bavaria/Munich" instantiation of that task idea with the "knowledge" that an anti rabies vaccination is mandatory in this (my) area.

If I published my "Check and fill up dog food stock" task, rememberthemilk could point me to eight others within my county who have also done so, thus giving the nine of us the opportunity to start a dogfood buying syndicate...

While browsing all those task ideas, I recognize that preventive medical checkup plan that has never shown up before, as I only recently turned 35 (it has been hidden before because of not being applicable to my user/area/age definition.

hypothetical example end.

An somewhat extreme example for a very local task idea (down to city area) would be "take a 16 day vacation starting at the last weekend in September and (optionally rent out your flat for refinancing)" to escape the octoberfest madness here in munich, bavaria.

Perhaps this could even be done in a way that if I create a task "Buy ferry tickets to Norway" (-> "user wants to go to norway") and have a subscription to a dog food supply plan (-> "user has dog"), rememberthemilk could ask me if the task "Get the dog vaccinated against XYZ before entering the ferry" is appropriate for my situation. It seems to me this is feasible the same way amazon does its "Persons who bought this book also bought ..." my means of a rule engine.

And the I wanted to apologize if I raped your language somewhere, I am not a native english speaker/writer.

I'm curious about your opinions

Posted at 5:55pm on January 24, 2006
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Peter, we've thought about this too :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

It would definitely be useful for all kinds of things, and we love the idea of shared knowledge.
Posted 18 years ago
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