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Overflow-wrap on smart list.

Started by chillimania Android app0 comments

Custom sounds and better options for notifications

Started by migloth Android app0 comments

bring back search history

Started by mapgeek Android app1 comment

Bring back Daily Digest for Android!

Started by alexander.johnson Android app3 comments

Open Links Externally Option

Started by debuck3 Android app0 comments

Ability to add task from notification daily digest

Started by opuntia2 Android app0 comments

Android Widget Font Size

Started by vince.montes Android app0 comments

multi selete delete and custom swipe menu

Started by (closed account) Android app0 comments

letting the user decide which day to start the week in calendar picker

Started by windmulder Android app0 comments

Put entries with date + time (+ list/tag/...) into calendar

Started by abonhote Android app0 comments

Optimize the android app for e-ink devices

Started by jeromesantini Android app0 comments

Easier start dates in Android app

Started by rfrancis Android app1 comment

Add task via notification bar (similar to wunderlist)

Started by ramzo19 Android app1 comment

Faster way to add tags to a task

Started by dave.liao Android app1 comment

A button for pushing tasks to the top of a list (improving drag n drop)

Started by (closed account) Android app0 comments

Choosing which fields show up in Smart Add

Started by bugsie Android app0 comments

Allow app notification bar reminders to only appear for items of Priority "X" or higher

Started by ericjlitt Android app0 comments

Create smart list from Android App

Started by ordeph Android app1 comment

Enter into edit mode when pressing on the task details page

Started by cynthiashing Android app1 comment

Android 12 widget update?

Started by dave.liao Android app1 comment