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Android Themes

oroden says:
Hi, I'm a new convert and loving RTM Pro! The themes alone are worth the subscription, they're beautiful and make a huge difference.
The one thing that seems to be missing is themes for the Android app - I've seen this has been brought up once or twice, but not been touched for a very long time, so hoped to bring it up today. Even just a few plain colours, like bubblegum/violet/eggplant etc. already available, would be really great to see.
The ability to add photos as themes too would be incredible, but I understand that's a big undertaking.
Just a few solid colour themes on Android would be really wonderful to have and make a big difference!
Posted at 5:01pm on August 5, 2019
oroden says:
Apologies for the double post - got an error message when posting. :)
Posted 4 years ago
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