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"Select All" button in Edit mode (Android)

boneycur says:
The title describes the idea. Here's a screencast of the feature that the web app has always had that the mobile app is still lacking.

This feature is WAY overdue, as undoubtedly the majority of RTM's customers now use the mobile app as much or more than the web app.

Note that this feature was requested nine years ago
( and seven years ago ( Even if there are 1000 feature requests in the cue, I would hope that a feature requested that long ago would eventually float to the top...especially when it has been in the web app all this time!

Thanks in advance for not sweeping us under the rug this time around.

Posted at 3:25pm on June 28, 2019
jaykaplon says:
iPhone app could use this as well.
Posted 2 years ago
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