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Provide better support for different time zones

pfaco says:
I have a problem with RTM right now.
I'm working temporarily in China, so my computer is configured for UTC +8.
My cellphone must use Brazil time zone because of bank apps and other issues. So it is configured for UTC -3.
The android app picks the time-zone from the system.

Would be great if the app could provide an option to manually specify a time-zone, so tasks could be in sync in different devices using different time-zones.
Posted at 2:46am on August 18, 2017
tristo (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for getting in touch pfaco.

The good news is you can change or update your timezone, in the web app or desktop app in the Account Settings, in the Account section. This will take you there:

You can browse this from a mobile browser app too.

Posted 6 years ago
pfaco says:
Hey Tristo, thanks for the fast reply!

Well, using the web version in the cell phone isn't really practical in my opinion. But after your post I tried using it and it still is not correctly synchronized.

For example, right now in the cellphone (no matter if using web or app) it is showing tomorrow tasks as today tasks (what is kind of strange because the cellphone time is actually 12h behind in relation to my laptop). And my account is correctly configured as GMT+8.

Posted 6 years ago
tristo (Remember The Milk) says:
Would it be possible to email us at support? That way we can look at some some more personal data and go from there.

Just make sure you're logged in and hit us up here:

Posted 6 years ago
ben.a.parish says:
I second this suggestion. It's super annoying at having to update the time zone of the account in the web view just to get the tasks to sync correctly.
Posted 6 years ago
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