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Search notes by default

Started by djdinut1 Android app6 comments

Endless subtask list

Started by (closed account) Android app1 comment

Adjustable Font Size on Andriod Widget

Started by choakchaih Android app1 comment

Postpone with date

Started by onerror Android app0 comments

Remove Notification When Task Completed In Other Client

Started by jwsteinman Android app0 comments

Add task from notification drop-down (persistent notification?)

Started by opuntia2 Android app0 comments

Start/stop button on task (time logger on task)

Started by eddy.kwok Android app3 comments

Open Links Externally Option

Started by debuck3 Android app0 comments

Widgets on home screen filter by tag

Started by tm36 Android app0 comments

batch deleting

Started by fant Android app0 comments

letting the user decide which day to start the week in calendar picker

Started by windmulder Android app0 comments

Bring back Daily Digest for Android!

Started by alexander.johnson Android app3 comments

Provide better support for different time zones

Started by pfaco Android app4 comments

Open Links Externally

Started by debuck3 Android app0 comments

Location based reminder on LEAVING a location

Started by jhwwj Android app0 comments

Add numbered lists option in notes

Started by milky_f Android app0 comments

Batch edit start date (similar to due date or tags)

Started by gioele Android app0 comments

A button for pushing tasks to the top of a list (improving drag n drop)

Started by waillys Android app0 comments

Custom sounds and better options for notifications

Started by migloth Android app0 comments

Put entries with date + time (+ list/tag/...) into calendar

Started by abonhote Android app0 comments