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Location based reminder on LEAVING a location

jhwwj says:
Hi guys,

since location based reminders can be life-changing (at least for me ;-) ), often a reminder is needed when LEAVING a location instead of when arriving somewhere.

One real-life example:
There are many times I need to get things done after work, so I need to drive somewhere else instead of driving home. A reminder when leaving the office is in my eyes the perfect way to remind before it is too late :)

Since location based reminders are already part of RTM, I don't think that it would be insane effortful to implement :)
What do you think guys?

Ah btw. Todoist provides this features, so the use case seems to be real, but I like RTM overall much more so I highly prefer having this feature in RTM instead of continuing using Todoist ^^
Posted at 6:59am on July 20, 2017
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