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Start/stop button on task (time logger on task)

eddy.kwok says:
- A start button in front of every task
- Touch the start button to start tracking time for doing the task
- The first start would be the actual start time
- When the start button pressed, it icon should turns from a start icon into a stop icon.
- Touch the stop icon again to stop tracking time consume.
- When the task marked as finished, the last stop time should be the actual finished time.
- Touch the toolbar will display actual time consumption below the total estimated time.
Posted at 1:08am on January 27, 2017
xtoq says:
While it's not native, you can get most of this functionality with Toggl (
Posted 6 years ago
dbsk says:
There's another request for time tracker functionality at
Posted 5 years ago
dbsk says:
and at
Posted 5 years ago
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