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Allow app notification bar reminders to only appear for items of Priority "X" or higher

Started by ericjlitt Android app0 comments

Add task from notification drop-down (persistent notification?)

Started by opuntia2 Android app0 comments

Option to display more than 1 occurrence in case of repeating task

Started by nyrk Android app1 comment

bring back search history

Started by mapgeek Android app0 comments

Ability to give/share and accept tasks

Started by flyingsaucrdude Android app1 comment

"Nearby" badge

Started by daniel.rowe.fishman Android app2 comments

Enter into edit mode when pressing on the task details page

Started by cynthiashing Android app1 comment

Dictate tasks via microphone instead of tiping

Started by thomas.decker Android app2 comments

Widget Update Frequency

Started by evan.fredericks Android app0 comments

Provide quick actions (i.e. actions that come up from long press app icon)

Started by bbeetle Android app0 comments

Location based reminder on LEAVING a location

Started by jhwwj Android app0 comments

Dangerous "No due date" Date Picker Selection

Started by bruzzi Android app0 comments

Ability to filter tags when editing task

Started by mediaarts Android app0 comments

Rename sharing option

Started by onerror Android app0 comments

Quick list switcher

Started by plainclothes Android app0 comments

Easier start dates in Android app

Started by rfrancis Android app0 comments

Ability to add task from notification daily digest

Started by opuntia2 Android app0 comments

Option to enable location alerts only when GPS is active

Started by pielgrzym Android app0 comments

Add task via notification bar (similar to wunderlist)

Started by ramzo19 Android app0 comments

Themes for Android App

Started by tomavatars Android app1 comment