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Make 'delete' a button instead of an option in 'more actions'

Started by krohn Web app2 comments

Color code tasks by which list they belong to

Started by john.farrell Web app4 comments

In addition to Complete and Postpone, a 'Follow Up' option (marks a task complete and creates a new task to follow up at a future date)

Started by chris.mendoza Web app4 comments

Slack integration

Started by pierre.steckmeyer Web app86 comments

Add more priority levels

Started by gmalone Web app28 comments

Ability to change the completed date

Started by matt.stedeford Web app121 comments

Support for the Pomodoro Technique

Started by scoinva Web app90 comments

Show completed tasks in the same list view

Started by richard.tea Web app141 comments

Support for Markdown in notes

Started by ivan.aga Web app59 comments

Custom statuses for tasks (e.g. not started, started, in progress, etc)

Started by vicentginer Web app19 comments

Make the note icon clickable

Started by (closed account) Web app4 comments

Ability to reorder notes

Started by houweb Web app25 comments

Ability to specify exceptions for repeating tasks (e.g. 'every day except sunday' or 'every month except july')

Started by ashkey Web app4 comments

One-click setup for Getting Things Done (GTD) system

Started by stormlifter Web app9 comments

Ability to share Smart Lists

Started by wss7932 Web app107 commentsAnswered

Show the time estimate in the task list

Started by gabriela.gibson Web app39 comments

A monthly planner (in addition to the weekly planner)

Started by anateus Web app2 comments

Detect URLs starting with 'www.' as well as 'http://' when adding with Smart Add

Started by action.manager Web app1 comment

Support for business or working days in due dates (e.g. 'in 10 working days')

Started by nickle Web app7 comments

Copy notes with repeat 'after'

Started by traycerb Web app41 comments