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One-click setup for Getting Things Done (GTD) system

stormlifter says:
In the blog post:
You describe an advanced GTD system using RMilk.
It would be nice if there was a one-click that would set that all up. A "settings-updater" that we could subscribe to that would update our folder structure to the folder structure describe in that blog or even allow others to make their own settings-updaters.

Just a random idea I was having.
Posted at 8:53pm on June 17, 2008
martin.capote says:
Posted 12 years ago
adamrushuk says:
This is a great idea! +1
Posted 12 years ago
jacksdl says:
Yep. That would be a good feature.
Posted 9 years ago
serodmat says:
In my experience: your GTD system is YOUR GTD. It depends on you needs. E.g., it is worth it maintaining a link between projects and actions? It depends on you kind of work, life, ...
Posted 9 years ago
(closed account) says:
I feel like someone could revisit that GTD post and rework it. It's _an_ implementation, and one that I used for a while, but some of it is too fiddly. For example, using separate lists per project is fine, but becomes unwieldy pretty quickly with the current RTM UI. I found I wasn't really setting up proper GTD projects because of the friction involved in setting up a new list.

I certainly don't think it should be RTM's 'canonical' approach to GTD.
Posted 9 years ago
sokmonkey67 says:
Adding a subtasks feature, as has already been recommended, would help prevent tabs and the UI from going out of control...but regarding this feature request, IMO, GTD in the context of an RTM implementation is really a set of best practices to guide the configuration and use of RTM...
Posted 9 years ago
henrikba says:
Agree with other posters; I have a very specific GTD implementation in RTM, but it's not said that would work for anyone. Forcing you into an implementation that might be too overkill (eg; link projects and next actions, relying solely on smart filters etc etc) is not a desired outcome. I'm all for posts on different GTD setups, but don't think it makes sense to dictate one.
Posted 9 years ago
hiten.randhawa says:
I agree that GTD is personal but I like the one click idea as it would quickly generate a first cut system which can be later personalized, hence saving a lot of time.
Posted 7 years ago
dbsk says:
FYI: the broken link is now
Posted 2 years ago
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