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Better aggregation of idea posts that are similar before posting

Started by guice General0 comments

Automatic backups of all RTM tasks

Started by xierox General5 comments

Show "parent" of subtask in today view (or other views)

Started by georgebb General2 comments

OPML import/export of a given list

Started by halloleo General3 comments

Allow users to change their Remember The Milk username

Started by alasnik General6 comments

Independent sort for subtasks

Started by onerror General3 comments

Make "first day of week" an option in RTM settings (same RTM already provide for date/time format)

Started by carloscadu General1 comment

Sub lists

Started by meggerud General1 comment

Sort completed tasks

Started by basovink General19 comments

Show List in Task Title

Started by onerror General0 comments

Attach files (mostly images) to tasks & subtasks

Started by amber9904 General2 comments


Started by kevinbjiang General6 comments

Support default start dates

Started by eorrick General4 comments

Pin subtask due date to parent task due date

Started by meonkeys General4 comments

Task status

Started by onerror General0 comments

OpenID support

Started by General89 comments

Wunderlist import

Started by lensaffair General2 comments

Task/project templates

Started by gordonrobb General0 comments

Default start dates

Started by vpanzano General1 comment

Show main task of subtask in task list

Started by (closed account) General0 comments