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Support default start dates

eorrick says:
In addition to setting default due dates, it would be nice to set a default start date when adding tasks. This saves a few clicks if you follow one of the tasking methodologies that uses task aging, like Michael Linenberger's Manage Your Now.
Posted at 3:08pm on June 18, 2016
xgravity23 says:
+1 I'd love it if the default start date was the day the task was entered, because task aging.
Posted 2 years ago
aviskase says:
+1 for exactly the same reason. Default start date and priority are the only thing that's missing.
Posted 1 year ago
templon.nikhef says:
+1 indeed! Also, an option to make "postpone" move the start date instead of the due date. Due dates are usually not so easy to postpone anyway, if they are real due dates!
Posted 11 months ago
sabiltonghunter says:
I too would love this but seeing as the request was started over 2 years ago, maybe it is wishful thinking from my side being new to the RTM world.
Posted 6 months ago
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