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Fix group by date

onerror says:
When grouping tasks by due date in my smart list with complex sorting tasks without due dates come first, and only then all other task groups (today...). I think it's irrational as due date is among sorting params, the sort is "ascending", so, this grouping should be consistent with sorting settings.
Posted at 8:04am on November 17, 2016
jamezzz says:
Absolutely! This essentially renders grouping by due date useless to me for anything other than lists with only dated tasks. Plus, this is inconsistent with how sorting by due date is done, which sorts No Due Date to the bottom. Really, need this fixed!
Posted 1 year ago
owatts says:
Is this fixed?
Posted 1 year ago
jamezzz says:
Any movement on this one?
Posted 8 months ago
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