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Changing color of priorities

jogonzal says:
I use the priorities fairly frequently, but I'd really like to see the ability to customize the color of a given priority. My issue with really with blue and the not so blue color. They are somewhat difficult to distinguish at times.
Posted at 3:43pm on February 23, 2017
torontodarrell says:
This has been a request for years. I do not know why RTM does not implement this as a user setting
Posted 4 years ago
saedwards says:
Completely agree. It's not easy to distinguish the two colors. Either make it a user setting or make the default something more easily distinguished!
Posted 4 years ago
marcybtucker says:
I agree. It is hard to distinguish between the dark blue and medium blue. I use the priorities all the time and would like to be able to change it or at least have colors that are less similar.
Posted 4 years ago
saedwards says:
Can someone from RTM address this and at least let us know whether it's something they're considering or working on? My color vision is pretty good, but I often confuse the two blue levels. It seems like a pretty basic fix, and people have been asking for it for years.
Posted 4 years ago
pkwastavich says:
+1 for this, I have a hard time distinguishing priority 2 and priority 3 - they're basically the same color.
Posted 3 years ago
jimdavisace says:
+1 for this, would be better green amber red or something more easily distinguished
Posted 3 years ago
mgrichanik says:
+1 for this
Posted 3 years ago
amandafrench says:
Would also like -- agree that the two blues are hard to distinguish, and the red just makes me anxious
Posted 2 years ago
amulek says:
Love someone at RTM to acknowledge they are reading these forums and at least care about what their customers are saying. Custom colors for more priorities - please.
Posted 2 years ago
zozostimpy says:
I totally agree with this and would love them to change the blues or at least give us the ability to do it ourselves
Posted 2 years ago
martinthrelfall says:
adding my vote to this. as a very visual person this would help me enormously in terms of user friendly asthetics.
Posted 2 years ago
danbarr says:
Still a problem. Switch colors or give us the power to switch colors
Posted 1 year ago
jotunbob says:
I can BARELY see the difference between pri 2 and 3. Please add this feature
Posted 1 year ago
drogmarr says:
I'm thinking somebody at RTM likes blues.
Posted 11 months ago
kadie511 says: would be useful to be able to change the colors for each priority.
Posted 8 months ago
pazmundial says:
Same - I have been an RTM user for years and would really appreciate the ability to customize this.
Posted 5 months ago
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