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More than 3 levels of nested subtasks

lucyding says:
At the moment tasks can have subtasks and level 1 subtasks can have level 2 subtasks.

--subtask level 1
---subtask level 2
--subtask level 1
---subtask level 2

However that's as far as it goes.
I like to break up tasks from really big to really small. So I'd like the ability to have further subtask nesting.

Could we get 5 levels of nesting?
Posted at 8:58pm on May 17, 2018
jfk says:
I need this too
Posted 2 years ago
charlierodarte says:
Posted 2 years ago
joacorapela says:
I purchased the pro subscription only to get sub tasks and it is a big limitation for me to have to limit the depth of the sub tasks.
Posted 2 years ago
amitgupta28 says:
Hi RTM Team - This would be a great feature. Are you planning to add this feature anytime soon ?
Posted 1 year ago
andyhough says:
Absolutely! I am addicted to WBS hierarchy trees that have a little + button and easily indent or outdent with a simple keystroke. This is called a gantt. ;-)

I know this is a big architectural jump, but could your subtask just be a task object with a subtask tag and a parent ID. Then your UI and API would just need to change A LITTLE TINY BIT. Right?

Another less flexible but quicker option might be to allow sub-list hierarchies. This maybe could suffice (or be much better) as you could just put tasks in sub:sub:sub:sub-lists and group them that way.

Or better yet, what about making expandable lists i,e.
Posted 13 weeks ago
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