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Pro monthly subscription.

Started by (closed account) General1 comment

Task inherits deadline of soonest-due subtask

Started by salustri General2 comments

Add activity log

Started by muhozhrun General2 comments

Put a checkbox in the notes section

Started by vegaschuck General0 comments

Store Links to Local Files in the URL field

Started by markwilliams General2 comments

Multiple levels of grouping in custom sorts

Started by robfreundlich General1 comment

Display warning message when checking off a task with incomplete subtasks

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

Customizable dock badge count on macOS

Started by bradkellett General1 comment

Assign a task to someone that is not a rtm user

Started by foulox General0 comments

Option to Hide tags in the task list

Started by erica.strand General0 comments

Smart List with both parent & child tasks due listed

Started by cayouettem General0 comments

Filter within a list (and Smart List)

Started by natosis General0 comments

Lists Notes/Description

Started by matias.vidal General0 comments

Option to set subtask due dates as an offset from main task due date. Especially useful when duplicating template tasks or for multi-step repeating tasks.

Started by bcampbell General0 comments

List-based Daily Digest (work/home/etc.)

Started by gotmatt General0 comments

Automatically postpone repeating tasks

Started by astrojason General3 comments

Option to hide tasks with a start date in the future.

Started by petejdc General1 comment

Forum: archive old/dead threads

Started by (closed account) General1 comment

Automatically assign a random unused color when creating a tag

Started by shardvicens General1 comment

More than 3 levels of nested subtasks

Started by lucyding General0 comments