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Ability to 'Select All' tasks

Started by azulet2000 iPad app9 comments

Add a 'phone number' field for tasks

Started by ramiak Web app10 comments

Support for sending and sharing tasks with other users

Started by shahineo iPhone app9 comments

Customize how many days of tasks are shown (instead of 7 days)

Started by dr.vermeulen iGoogle gadget1 comment

Option to sync reminders/alerts

Started by dburdi MilkSync for BlackBerry0 comments

Ability to edit tasks from the Overview screen

Started by voegler Web app9 comments

Ability to link multiple emails/contacts to existing tasks

Started by marcelo.ueda Gmail add-on2 comments

subtasks inherit properties of parent task

Started by jrrt General12 comments

Add specific list or Smart List as an icon in the tab bar

Started by honel iPhone app10 comments

Improve transition between screens

Started by blackmagnum Android app9 commentsAnswered

Better subtasking functionality

Started by shardvicens Web app9 comments

Tap a task field to edit that field

Started by neilgmoore iPhone app4 comments

Ability to set your current location to show nearby tasks

Started by wernight Web app1 comment

Support entering time estimates as '0:30' and '2:25'

Started by dodi Web app1 comment

Swipe to postpone

Started by lemayp iPhone app17 comments

Ability to postpone to later in the date or fixed time

Started by justinrdmv Android app2 comments

Ability to use Smart Add when editing tasks

Started by (closed account) Web app2 comments

New due date format: [number] days before [date] (e.g. '4 days before october 14th')

Started by (closed account) Web app2 comments

Ability to sync Smart Lists

Started by (closed account) MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook5 comments

Make open to all devices

Started by (closed account) Mobile version4 comments