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Customize when your day begins/ends (e.g. night owls might want their 'Today' list to show tasks due up to 2am, not midnight)

michael.vastola says:
For people like me who are college students, or for night owls, "Today"'s To Do list often doesn't end at midnight.

It would be great if there were some way to specify *when* you want "today's" tasks to become "overdue" and when "tomorrow's" tasks to appear on "today's" list of things to do.

For instance, if I mark something as due on a given day, normally getting it done at 11pm is functionally equivalent to getting it done at 1am on what is technically the next day.

It's disorienting/overwhelming though when you're up trying to finish up today's tasks and suddenly RTM tells you your things are overdue when they aren't and your task list doubles because the next days tasks (which I don't want to think about 'till tomorrow morning at the earliest) are thrust into focus.
Posted at 4:17am on September 9, 2009
mehardin says:
That would be a nice feature. In the mean time, if I were prone to finishing a lot of task after midnight I would consider fudging on my time zone, using one that is one or two hours earlier.

The only task I have this happen on is exercise. Sometimes I don't get in my walk/run until the end of the day. I may leave the house at 10:30 and go walk for a hour and a half. Even if I get in slightly BEFORE midnight, I don't really want to get on the computer to mark Exercise complete until after my shower. If I mark it complete after midnight, and it's set to repeat "after one day" then it doesn't show up for another day.

I have to either mark it complete before I walk out the door, or when I get back just postpone it, so their will be another instance on the new day.
Posted 10 years ago
matthew.zagaja says:
I third this suggestion.
Posted 10 years ago
tatiana.colli says:
Me too!
Posted 10 years ago
tatiana.colli says:
Also I like to do a daily and weekly review of my completed tasks and doing things after midnight can be confusing because I'll never remember whether something was done on time or not ("on time" for me is before bed). Maybe Rmilk can permanently indicate the time that a task is completed so I can figure it out from there.

A workaround for me might be to mark all today's tasks complete and at the end of the day click "uncomplete" on whatever wasn't finished. It's a bit tedious but it'll work for now.

Anyway keep up the good work Rmilk!
Posted 10 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
If you assign times of 6am (or later) to all of your tasks due on a given day, then you can use a smartlist set show items due:now, and it will not show you the next day's items until you have been up so long that it really is the next day.

More here:

Another RTM niggle addressed by a smartlist.
Posted 10 years ago
tatiana.colli says:
That helps, thanks!
Posted 10 years ago
codyeilrich says:

Mainly so a day doesn't get skipped when completing the after 1 day tasks after midnight. I'm not sure if fudging the time zone works. Anyone?
Posted 7 years ago
veep says:
I've tried fudging the timezone to make this work (and the Help docs correctly warn you not to fudge your timezone, as things break.)

Daily recurring tasks are just broken if you do anything after midnight, and I get lots of stuff done after midnight (once everyone else is asleep).

A constant source of frustration.
Posted 7 years ago
crystal.odenkirk says:
fudging the timezone also doesn't work for people like me who stay up fairly late. My "reset" for the day in other apps is at 5am because I almost never stay up til then, but often I stay up past 4. If I try to fudge with the timezone, all my tasks are off a full day because 5 hrs to the west of me, it's tomorrow, at 5am my time.
Posted 4 years ago
erlloyd says:
I've just come up with a custom solution to exactly this that I use as the basis for my Smart Lists. Let me know how it works for you!

mehardin, this SmartList might also help with your exersise thing. If you used it and set your exercise task due at 1am:

-the task would be visible in your "today" list for the entire day (despite being technically due "tomorrow")
-when you checked it off at a time after midnight, the next task would actually appear due a day later (and be visible for the duration of your next day)
Posted 4 years ago
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