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Due date spans, e.g. make tasks due anytime this week

d3a1i0 says:
First I would like to say that a few months back I can remeber saying that someone should make an online to do list that is really easy to use and intigrate with the other online tools I use and BAM you did just that. I have been using it for about a week and I have to say you have done good here. Thank you.

Okay, now onto why I am here. I would like to see a feature where you can set the due date on a task to be due anytime this week, or even any week. That way the task would then show up as being due each day, but would not be overdue until after the week had passed.
Posted at 5:17am on January 23, 2008
mystwillow says:
I would really enjoy a feature like this as well. The ability to select a span of time as a due "date" in which a task shows up as due each day but not overdue until the timespan was over would be really useful.
Posted 13 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
In previous threads there has been a suggestion (not mine, although I think it's clever) to have a due date that was, in fact, a range. E.g., Due: 2/1-10/08

This would enable rollover tasks, and help with the endless calls for "hide until" or a "start date."

It would also accomplish the idea behind this thread nicely.
Posted 13 years ago
(closed account) says:
I think this would be better accomplished with a start_date field as has been suggested by others.
Posted 10 years ago
(closed account) says:
I agree with d3a1i0: Sometimes it would be really helpful just to select a time span instead of a due date. I would like to be able to chose "week 27", e. g. From my point of view, that would be an uncomplicated way to remind me of some tasks that do not come with a predefined due date.
Posted 10 years ago
geojono says:
Since this was asked, Start Dates have become a reality. And, despite arguments to the contrary, I think Start Dates work really well for this.
Posted 8 weeks ago
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