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Rename sharing option

Started by onerror Android app0 comments

Managing Task from Lock Screen notification, optional LED color and vibration pattern

Started by onerror Android app0 comments

Started by opuntia2 Android app0 comments

Add Android Marshmallow Direct Share options

Started by davehenning Android app0 comments

Option to show the tags on the left

Started by vic1979 Android app0 comments

Option to display more than 1 occurrence in case of repeating task

Started by nyrk Android app1 comment

Android Themes

Started by oroden Android app1 comment

Excluded Certain Locations from Location Based Reminders

Started by jft135 Android app0 comments

Select Overdue

Started by ahliana Android app0 comments

Widget for a specific tag

Started by brian.reilly Android app3 comments

Option to order completed by priority

Started by jlous Android app5 comments

Dictate tasks via microphone instead of tiping

Started by thomas.decker Android app2 comments

Enable QR/Barcode reading for Quick-Add Field

Started by dennis.mb Android app1 comment

Ability to hide lists

Started by masei Android app4 comments

Capture location when adding a task

Started by corona620 Android app1 comment

Tag on creation

Started by (closed account) Android app1 comment

Custom/alternative positions for Save and Edit buttons

Started by rich_zigo Android app0 comments


Started by odhinn0 Android app0 comments

Allow login/logout of the app

Started by rybo169qaz Android app1 comment

Move + button to bottom of screen

Started by aleyzerovich Android app1 comment