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Ability to hide lists

masei says:

I know that there wass some discussion at this topic for the webbased RTM.

Hiding Lists can be done with greasemonkey scripts - this is working fine for me.

I use smartlists a lot and in the android app (cause of the smaller screen) it would be verry nice to have the possibility to hide not important lists.

If this is a problem - I would be glad to sort them, so that the smartlists are on the top or on th focus.

My workaround for this moment is to name hidden lists in brackets like [home] , unhidden lists or smartlists ar namede without brackets.

But if you have a lot of 'hidden' lists, you have to scroll deep down - to see your important smartlists.

Posted at 10:44pm on September 21, 2009

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

You can archive lists to hide them. However, then you can't actively use them (without unarchiving them first).

Posted 6 years ago

kulaspg says:

I favor the ability to hide lists. I manage a few staff members and their to-do lists. I would like to see their lists on my remember the milk account (web version), but not see them on my android phone.

The addition issue with being unable to hide a list is that on the android phone, I see everyone's TASKS DUE TODAY.

My solution is not to see their LISTS in my web account.

Posted 3 years ago

milkmaid88 says:

I agree. I have lots of smart lists and I would rather not see them on my ipad or iphone. It gets cluttered, but I do need them and use them to send Atom feeds of completed tasks to evernotes.

Posted 2 years ago

bryansells Pro says:

I would like the option to hide the Sent list in the Android app and iPad app. Screen real estate is too precious on mobile.

Posted 2 years ago

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