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Option to display more than 1 occurrence in case of repeating task

nyrk says:
Valid at least for Android and iOS devices:

When setting a task that repeats (for example) daily, I just see that task once (today) until it is either completed or due, then the task reappears for the following day (at least on the big Android widget and in the iPad app).
If I mark the task as completed before it's due and change it back to uncompleted again, the next day's entry will stay although today's entry is neither due nor completed. This is kind of illogic, given that before marking and unmarking it as completed, I saw the task only once for the very next occurrence date.

To put complicated words more simply, I'd find it useful if I could have all the occurences (today, tomorrow, after tomorrow, etc.) in my list of todos, not just one after the last occurrence has been completed or due.
In yet other terms: I would like to see, for example, "walk the dinosour and feed the mice" for today 3pm, but also for tomorrow 3pm, even if today it's not 3pm yet. Maybe this could be implemented as an OPTION to be chosen by the user. Maybe one could choose something like "display occurrences for the next X in the list", where X could be replaced by any number of occurrences (2 days, 3 weeks, etc.)...

I know, it's not a big thing at all, but personally I'd prefer a maximum of flexibility and options - I guess it couldn't harm to add this?
Posted at 4:46pm on January 11, 2012
ranbarton Power Poster says:
If you need to see future instances of a daily task, then what most people on the boards do here is create multiple tasks, e.g., seven weekly tasks so that one appears on each day of the week. Not ideal, but it would let you see what you what to see right now with no changes necessary to RTM and no hacking tasks as you are presently.
Posted 12 years ago
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