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Widget for a specific tag

brian.reilly says:
I'd like to be able to create a widget for a specific tag. I know I can create a smart list for the tag and then create a widget for that list, but I use tags in part to keep the number of lists and smart lists down (to reduce the number of tabs in the web interface).
Posted at 3:08pm on June 24, 2011
jerome.perakis says:
Would love this, I use tags for our Scrum Sprint backlog (not checked-out and checked out tags) and would like to display 2 widget lists based on those tags.

The funny thing is that the bagde widget already let you select a tag, but not the list widget...

Posted 8 years ago
jerome.perakis says:
Just found that it is already possible, you just have to save your tag search and then it becomes an available list to chose in your widget, RTM rocks!
Posted 8 years ago
admirau says:
See the Smart lists in the FAQ :)
Posted 6 years ago
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