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Started by (closed account) Android app1 comment

Copy & Paste of Tasks Repeating Setting as text

Started by thomas.ritter Android app0 comments

Allow login/logout of the app

Started by rybo169qaz Android app1 comment

Excluded Certain Locations from Location Based Reminders

Started by jft135 Android app0 comments


Started by odhinn0 Android app0 comments

Move + button to bottom of screen

Started by aleyzerovich Android app1 comment

Ability to disable notifications for specific locations (e.g. I don't need reminders at work because I use the web app)

Started by el_salmon Android app0 comments

Option to order completed by priority

Started by jlous Android app2 comments

Hide 'Sent' items from the Today list

Started by valorin Android app0 comments

Enter button on Smart Add bar

Started by kacrocker Android app0 comments

Remove the list name shown on every task

Started by (closed account) Android app1 comment

Ability to choose the notification icon

Started by davidbarredo Android app1 comment

Keyboard shortcuts

Started by mcipold Android app2 comments

Set a task to 'expire' a certain amount of time after it's due

Started by matthew.burlew Android app1 comment

Remove the toast notification messages, or make an option

Started by inversion Android app0 comments

Implement ViewPager for screen switching

Started by beny Android app2 comments

Capitalize on voice input

Started by gte619n Android app0 comments

Password protection to launch app

Started by jasonpbyu Android app2 comments

Take account of travel times for reminders

Started by mrmabs Android app0 comments

Adjustable widget transparency

Started by pollisoft Android app6 comments