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Goal deadlines and absolute deadlines

Started by (closed account) Android app7 comments

Ability to reorder notes

Started by houweb Web app27 comments

Search for Evernote Reminders in Remember The Milk

Started by jeffmace Evernote21 comments

Meta-locations (e.g. 'Supermarket' might include multiple local grocery stores)

Started by kendel iPhone app16 comments

Show a notes icon when a task has notes

Started by jamezzz iGoogle gadget5 comments

Ability to specify exceptions for repeating tasks (e.g. 'every day except sunday' or 'every month except july')

Started by ashkey Web app4 comments

Ability to share Smart Lists

Started by wss7932 Web app107 commentsAnswered

One-click setup for Getting Things Done (GTD) system

Started by stormlifter Web app9 comments

Show the time estimate in the task list

Started by gabriela.gibson Web app41 comments

A monthly planner (in addition to the weekly planner)

Started by anateus Web app2 comments

Detect URLs starting with 'www.' as well as 'http://' when adding with Smart Add

Started by action.manager Web app1 comment

Show a repeating icon when a task repeats

Started by petej26 iGoogle gadget1 comment

Add the content of the Evernote note to a Remember The Milk note

Started by psionmark Evernote5 comments

Support for business or working days in due dates (e.g. 'in 10 working days')

Started by nickle Web app7 comments

Custom default due date (as well as 'today' and 'never', allow defaults of '2 days', '3 days', etc)

Started by dygituljunky Android app5 comments

Copy notes with repeat 'after'

Started by traycerb Web app41 comments

Ability to attach photographs to notes

Started by ryan.gaul iPad app6 comments

Support for business day repeats (e.g. 'every 3 business days')

Started by stuartgreenwell Web app3 comments

Support for 'every other' repeating tasks (e.g. 'every other weekday', 'every other year', etc)

Started by hubs Web app6 comments

New repeat option: every [number] hours (e.g. 'every 6 hours')

Started by (closed account) Web app37 comments