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Show a notes icon when a task has notes

jamezzz says:
I would love to see an icon displayed in the Google gadget next to tasks that have notes. Clicking the note icon would display the note(s) in the gadget. Also would be nice to be able to enter a note in the Google gadget.
Posted at 11:11pm on September 18, 2007
ranbarton Power Poster says:
A note icon in the gadget would be welcome. I hope it also shows up within RTM itself, too.
Posted 13 years ago
benjamin.yost says:
I would love to see one in RTM as well! I know there are aesthetic issues, but still, I need a note icon b/c my memory is bad.
Posted 13 years ago
kingsman says:
Sing me up for this one...would love to have notes availability in Google homepage, especially until/if sub-tasks are added.
Posted 13 years ago
nah.why says:
Does the "google gadget" include the gcal integration? If not, it would be nice to see a note icon (which i see has already been implemented on the main website -- thanks!) and some way to view notes from google calendar.

Posted 13 years ago
angela.randall says:
It'd also be great to be able to see an icon you can click on that follows the link in the url field.
Posted 13 years ago
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