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Tap a task field to edit that field

Started by neilgmoore iPhone app4 comments

Ability to move to the previous or next day when viewing days in the 'This Week' view

Started by shump iPhone app2 comments

Support for sending and sharing tasks with other users

Started by shahineo iPhone app9 comments

Tap and hold to access task actions

Started by neilgmoore iPhone app2 comments

Ability to create groups of lists

Started by kevin.malakoff iPhone app1 comment

Add specific list or Smart List as an icon in the tab bar

Started by honel iPhone app10 comments

Swipe to postpone

Started by lemayp iPhone app18 comments

Customize Tasks Displayed in iOS Widget

Started by robert.ward iPhone app23 comments

Use left swipe for "complete" and other options

Started by john.farrell iPhone app9 comments

Ability to add tasks without scrolling to top of list

Started by mattpackwood iPhone app3 comments

Delete multiple tasks at once

Started by jamezzz iPhone app2 comments

'Nearby Locations' list that shows the locations nearby, and how many tasks are incomplete at each

Started by jhollington iPhone app0 comments

Customizable font size

Started by varrus iPhone app24 comments

Add tasks by voice

Started by tmfkara iPhone app2 comments

App badge setting to show number of overdue tasks

Started by williamw iPhone app1 comment

Ability to add a location using a map

Started by kmninbox iPhone app2 comments

After completing a task, return to the list

Started by janvanderploeg iPhone app2 comments

iOS share extension

Started by wmwilkins iPhone app9 comments

One tap complete

Started by j03w iPhone app1 comment

Show total time estimates

Started by pstoffel iPhone app2 comments