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Ability to add a location using a map

kmninbox says:
Request: ability to add locations using map, Google Maps, whatever
Posted at 9:43pm on December 18, 2008
joel.fuchs says:
I would like to be able to quickly mark my iPhone's current location as a Location in RTM
Posted 13 years ago
arvid says:

quickly is of course relative :) there is an option on how to do that, I guess it is not as quick as you like, but you will be able to get the current location.

Navigate to the Locations screen (by tapping its icon in the bottom bar, or its item underneath More).
Tap Edit to enter the editing mode.
Tap the + icon.
Tap the nearby icon to find your current location, or enter an address into the search field and tap Search.
If a result is found, tap the desired location.
Edit the location name if desired, then tap Save.
Tap Done to leave the editing mode.
Posted 13 years ago
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