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'Nearby Locations' list that shows the locations nearby, and how many tasks are incomplete at each

jhollington says:
I posted this elsewhere, but I thought I'd break it out into a separate thread as well....

It would be nice to have a "Nearby" listing that would simply list the location names themselves that are within the nearby radius, including only those that contain incomplete tasks, with a number indicating how many tasks are incomplete in each location.

I would envision this looking kind of like the "This Week" view currently looks, except that the headings would be location names instead of days, and would only include locations that contain incomplete tasks.

The idea is that when I'm looking at what needs to be done nearby, I'm frequently more concerned with where I have to GO than what I have to DO when I get there. I can drill down to the individual list once I'm IN that specific location.

Posted at 5:28pm on November 27, 2008
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