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3D Touch options - make user definable

Started by shekala iPhone app1 comment

Include "delete" on the "more" list from a long press

Started by jbmiv iPhone app0 comments

iOS Share Sheet

Started by paladintom iPhone app4 comments

default position of a new task

Started by judylwd iPhone app0 comments

Auto-complete task name when adding a new task, e.g. if I type 'p', show previous task names 'Plan Trip' and 'Pay Utilities'

Started by conorporter iPhone app0 comments

Allow moving tasks around in iOS

Started by willyram iPhone app0 comments

Due date selector for the whole next week

Started by tilapia iPhone app0 comments

More prominent Group headers in task list.

Started by jamezzz iPhone app0 comments

Notification of day/time task was added

Started by wtripp1125 iPhone app0 comments

Have a swipe area at the bottom without having to go to the top.

Started by crandall57 iPhone app1 comment

Add tags to tasks by favorite or most used

Started by ralfvd iPhone app0 comments

Allow setting profile picture from mobile app

Started by halliegammon iPhone app0 comments

More custom notification sounds

Started by paul.beattie iPhone app4 comments

Collapsing advanced sort groups

Started by shekala iPhone app1 comment

Spotlight search support

Started by schiegl iPhone app4 commentsAnswered

Started by odlny iPhone app1 comment

Search tags when adding

Started by kevingough iPhone app1 comment

url scheme / x-callback

Started by ueda.shoji iPhone app0 comments

support 24-hour time format on iOS Apps

Started by quantumghost iPhone app1 comment

Show a dropdown list when you click on the tags field, then filter the list as you type

Started by miferrei iPhone app0 comments