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Link to tags from the task details screen

Started by trimax iPhone app1 comment

Option to have the time picker in 5 minute increments, rather than 1 minute increments

Started by guru242 iPhone app0 comments

Support for !0 and ^never in Smart Add

Started by sickanimations iPhone app3 comments

Show overdue tasks separate from today's tasks

Started by jchirschy iPhone app1 comment

Show tasks on lock screen wallpaper

Started by gmonty iPhone app7 comments

Tap and hold to postpone longer than a day

Started by daniel.schierbeck iPhone app0 comments

Swipe to uncomplete

Started by chocko iPhone app3 comments

Send Push Notification only for specific (Smart) List

Started by dembo iPhone app1 comment

Don't let me forget with persistent reminders

Started by davetefft iPhone app1 comment

Swipe left options

Started by aaron.boydston iPhone app0 comments

Create a Notification Center Widget

Started by (closed account) iPhone app3 comments

Due tasks in bold

Started by azzouz iPhone app2 comments

When selecting tags, show as an indexed list (i.e. an alphabet allows you to jump to tags starting with each letter)

Started by (closed account) iPhone app3 comments

url scheme / x-callback

Started by ueda.shoji iPhone app1 comment

Font size setting in iOS Widget

Started by tinwilly2 iPhone app1 comment

Include "delete" on the "more" list from a long press

Started by jbmiv iPhone app1 comment

More useful landscape mode

Started by mattpackwood iPhone app1 comment

Retain Settings Across Logins

Started by (closed account) iPhone app2 comments

Setting to override Dark mode

Started by robotii iPhone app2 comments

subtasks in iOS

Started by (closed account) iPhone app2 comments