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Create a Notification Center Widget

(closed account) says:
Create a widget for the iPhone Notification Center that shows tasks that are due today, displaying the priority and title of each task. Also provide the ability to create a new task from within the widget.
Posted at 1:46pm on May 1, 2015
tvickers says:
I really would like to include RTM as a widget on my Today notification center under ios 8 (and beyond). I have been relying more and more on this area for my at-a-glance awareness for the day and I would really like to have my favorite app represented there.
Posted 5 years ago
tetov says:
The widget to show due tasks are great!

I would love to have a smart add widget as well though :).
Posted 3 years ago
tetov says:
I made a workflow with the workflow app:
Posted 3 years ago
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