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Link to tags from the task details screen

trimax says:
Hi there,

The following feature, though works in the Safari Web App, doesn't work in the iPhone App: when viewing details of a task, clicking an a tag would show the list of tasks associated to the same tag.

This is very useful especially when grouping tasks by projects... I usually do the following:
- I create a task that would be the project title (Ex: "Decorate my room").
- I tag the task with a "-" to mark it as a project title and another tag describing the project (Ex: "decorate_room").
- I add the tasks of the project and tag them with the same tag describing the project ("decorate_room").
- I create a smart list that shows only the tasks that I marked as project titles (tag="-").
- When I want to see the tasks related to a specific project, I click on the smart list to show the list of projects, then I click on the project title ("Decorate my room") and then on the tag related to the project ("decorate_room").

I want to do the same on the iPhone App!

Posted at 3:51pm on November 7, 2009
steveshay says:
I agree. Especially useful for shopping lists, groceries and other things that can't be done at home.

Even outside of the list concept it would be nice to see other related tasks (by tag) without having to create a search or smart list.
Posted 11 years ago
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