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When selecting tags, show as an indexed list (i.e. an alphabet allows you to jump to tags starting with each letter)

(closed account) says:
I like the tags in RTM. The more, the better: they give my listed items context. That why I have a looooong list of tags and it gets longer by the day.

Adding one or more tags to a new task is easy in the webbased version of RTM. Making my choice from my long list is no problem in the webbased version of RTM. I just type the first letter(s) of the tag to get a shortlist to choose from.

In the iPhoneApp of RTM the long list of tags is a problem, though. To select one of more tags to add to a task I have to scroll. And scroll. And scroll. And.....

Hence my feature request: Add an Alphabet to the list of tags. You know how it works, since it is a standard feature in many Apps. I.e. the Contacts App of the iPhone: you can choose a contact out of the long list by jumping to a letter in the Alphabet-list at the right side of the screen.

This is the kind of Alpabet I would like to see as a column in the right side of the screen when I'm choosing form my list of tags. While you are at it: consider to add an alphabet to the list of locations too. Just to be consistent in the interface.

This feature would make the iPhoneApp RTM better: it makes adding Tasks (with tags and/or locations) easier.

Posted at 7:10pm on September 7, 2009
action.manager says:
Ah, you want an indexed list in a regular style table view instead of a simple list (in Apple terminology;-).

Nice feature request!

I have been restraining myself to not use more tags than fit on such a simple list on the iPhone without scrolling...
Posted 12 years ago
tim.adler says:
Do you guys know the way that tags are approached in the "Tags"-application (iPhone-app for delicious). Those guys have really nailed it. Perhaps something you can "adapt"? :-)
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
@action.manager, @tim.adler

Uuh... yes ... that's what I want ;)
Posted 12 years ago
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